This issue of JAN
Current issues and forthcoming events
Psychological aspects of breast reconstruction: a review of the literature
A critique of research on the use of activities with persons with Alzheimer’s disease: a systematic literature review
Information and support needs of women with primary relatives with breast cancer: development of the Information and Support Needs Questionnaire
The Data Protection Act (1998): implications for health researchers
Planning strategies for the avoidance of pitfalls in intervention research
Triangulation using a meta-matrix
Cohesion among nurses: a comparison of bedside vs. charge nurses’ perceptions in Australian hospitals
Leadership, organizational stress, and emotional exhaustion among hospital nursing staff
The wartime experience of Australian Army nurses in Vietnam, 1967–1971
Triage nurses’ clinical decision making. An observational study of urgency assessment
Exploring Spanish emergency nurses’ lived experience of the care provided for suddenly bereaved families
Components of a proper hospital discharge for elders
The nurse – a resource in hypertension care
The implementation of a Pain Monitoring Programme for nurses in daily clinical practice: results of a follow-up study in five hospitals
Midwives’ attitudes to the use of the cardiotocograph machine
Psychiatric nurses’ attitudes towards patient autonomy in depot clinics
Antecedents to engrossment in Noddings’ theory of care
Hermeneutic notions illuminate cross-cultural nursing experiences
Clinical Reasoning in the Health Professions, 2nd edition
Counselling Skills in Palliative Care
The Essentials of Community Care – A Guide for Practitioners
Changing Practice in Health and Social Care
Forthcoming contents for Volume 35, Number 5, September 2001