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Current issues and forthcoming events
Characteristics of an Accident and Emergency liaison mental health service in East London
Nurse-environment misfit and nursing practice
Nursing the patient with severe communication impairment
Factors influencing women’s decisions for choice of surgery for Stage I and Stage II breast cancer in Western Australia
The well-being of gays, lesbians and bisexuals in Botswana
Identification of priorities for nursing research in Spain: a Delphi study*
The relationships between health beliefs and utilization of free health examinations in older people living in a community setting in Taiwan
Cultural discovery in nursing practice with Vietnamese clients
Effects of injection duration on site-pain intensity and bruising associated with subcutaneous heparin
What is consumerism and has it had an impact on health visiting provision? A literature review
Re-thinking representations, re-writing nursing texts: possibilities through feminist and Foucauldian thought
Sociological perspectives on self-help groups: reflections on conceptualization and social processes
A model for the delivery of culturally competent community care
Caring in nursing: a different interpretation
Nursing research in Spain: bibliometrics of references of research papers in the decade 1985–1994
Interactions with Dementia Patients
The Paperless Practice
Policy and Place: General Medical Practice in the UK
Forthcoming contents for Volume 36, Number 1, October 2001