Academic nursing – what is happening to it and where is it going?
This issue of JAN
Current issues and forthcoming events
The accessibility of research-based knowledge for nurses in United Kingdom acute care settings
Chronic illness: reflections on a community-based action research programme
The nurse specialist role in Hong Kong: perceptions of nurse specialists, doctors and staff nurses
Knowledge levels and attitudes of staff nurses in Israel towards complementary and alternative medicine
Support for teenage mothers: a qualitative study into the views of women about the support they received as teenage mothers
Health perceptions and health behaviours of poor urban Jordanian women
Mothers’ grief following the death of a child
Development and testing of the parental coping strategy inventory (PCSI) with children with cancer in Taiwan
Exploring the Nursing Minimum Data Set for The Netherlands using multidimensional scaling techniques
Expanding conceptualizations of culturally competent care
Effects of using videotaped vignettes on enhancing students’ critical thinking ability in a baccalaureate nursing programme
The development of an alternative method in the assessment of critical thinking as an outcome of nursing education
A concept analysis of malnutrition in the elderly
Feminist conceptualizations of women’s madness: a review of the literature
A comparative study of work characteristics and reactions between general and mental health nurses: a multi-sample analysis
The Primary Care Trust Tool Kit. A Workbook For The Health Service And Primary Care Team
Successful Supervision in Health Care Practice: Promoting Professional Development
Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing Practice
Forthcoming contents for Volume 36, Number 2, October 2001