Bibliometrics and a culture of measurement
This issue of JAN
Current issues and forthcoming events
Israeli nurses’ knowledge of health care reforms
An archaeology of caring knowledge
Reflective practice and clinical supervision: meticulous rituals of the confessional
John Heron’s six-category intervention analysis: towards understanding interpersonal relations and progressing the delivery of clinical supervision for mental health nursing in the United Kingdom
Models of psychiatric nursing education in developing African countries: a comparative study of Botswana and Nigeria
Midwives’ perceptions of the use of technology in assisting childbirth in Northern Ireland
The maternity information concerns of Somali women in the United Kingdom
Promoting teenage sexual health: an investigation into the knowledge, activities and perceptions of gynaecology nurses
Interaction relating to privacy, identity, autonomy and security. An observational study focusing on a woman with dementia and ‘behavioural disturbances’, and on her care providers
Obesity in adults and children: a call for action
Chinese values, health and nursing
Traditional healing in Likorrahi in the early 20th century
An exploration and advancement of the concept of trust
Power and partnership: a critical analysis of the surveillance discourses of child health nurses
Holistic symptom management: modelling the interaction phase
A stage planning programme model for health education/health promotion practice
Friends in Low Places
Risk Matters in Healthcare, Communicating, Explaining and Managing Risk
Fast Food Nation: What the All-American Meal is doing to the World
Men’s Health: Perspectives, Diversity and Paradox
Scientific Basis of Health Care, 1st edition
Forthcoming contents for Volume 36, Number 3, November 2001