This issue of JAN
Current issues and forthcoming events
Intuition and the development of expertise in surgical ward and intensive care nurses
Intravascular administration sets are accurate and in appropriate condition after 7 days of continuous use: an in vitro study
The meaning of mobility for residents and staff in long-term care facilities
Being in a fragmented and isolated world: interviews with carers working with a person with a severe autistic disorder
An insight into the experiences of parents with inflammatory bowel disease
The short-term effects of myofascial trigger point massage therapy on cardiac autonomic tone in healthy subjects
Nursing diagnosis taxonomy across the Atlantic Ocean: congruence between nurses' charting and the NANDA taxonomy
The application of vignettes in social and nursing research
A method comparison study to assess the reliability of urine collection pads as a means of obtaining urine specimens from non-toilet-trained children for microbiological examination
The content of management of violence policy documents in United Kingdom acute inpatient mental health services
Medication and Dementia
Learning to Theorize: A Four Step Strategy
Surveying the Social World
Community Care: A Reader
Using Research for Effective Health Promotion
Forthcoming contents for Volume 37, Number 5, March 2002