The United Kingdom Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2001
This issue of JAN
Current issues and forthcoming events
Getting your paper to the right journal: a case study of an academic paper
Feminist poststructuralism: a methodological paradigm for examining clinical decision-making
Assessing the skills for family planning nurse prescribing: development of a psychometrically sound training needs analysis instrument
Development of an instrument to measure strategic and clinical quality indicators in postoperative pain management
The cooling-suit: case studies of its influence on fatigue among eight individuals with multiple sclerosis
Caring for maltreated children: a challenge for health care education
Aspects of curriculum policy in preregistration nursing education in the Republic of Ireland: issues and reflections 2
Student–teacher connection in clinical nursing education
Getting evidence into practice: the role and function of facilitation
Spirituality and health: towards a framework for exploring the relationship between spirituality and health
An analysis of the concept of equity and its application to health visiting
Clinical Effectiveness and Clinical Governance for Midwives
Interpreting Qualitative Data: Methods for Analysing Talk, Text and Interaction, 2nd edition
Forthcoming contents for Volume 38, Number 1, April 2002