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Current issues and forthcoming events
Swiss nurses' knowledge related to health care reforms: an exploratory study
The role of ritualistic ceremonial in removing barriers between subcultures in the National Health Service
A discipline-specific determination of high quality nursing care
Deciphering the 4 D's: cognitive decline, delirium, depression and dementia — a review
Supporting and policing mothers: an analysis of the disciplinary practices of health visiting
Defining and measuring nursing productivity: a concept analysis and pilot study
Expert supervisors' views of clinical supervision: a study of factors promoting and inhibiting the achievements of multiprofessional team supervision
Predictors of nursing home placement and home nursing services utilization by elderly patients after hospital discharge in Taiwan
The safety and effectiveness of a nurse-led anticoagulant service
Nursing staffs' perceptions of persons suffering from mania in acute psychiatric care
Response to: Heartcare: an Internet-based information and support system for patient home recovery after coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery
Assessing and Measuring Caring in Nursing and Health
Birth to Old Age: Health in Transition
Caring for Health: History and Diversity
Clinical Evidence on CD-ROM,
Harnessing Health Libraries
Forthcoming contents for Volume 38, Number 5, June 2002