Tribute to Professor Jane J.A. Robinson For her contribution to Journal of Advanced Nursing as Editor and then Editor-in-Chief, from 1997 to 2002
This issue of JAN
Current issues and forthcoming events
A review of physical restraint minimization in the acute and residential care settings
Methodological issues in male caregiver research
Journeying from the philosophical contemplation of constructivism to the methodological pragmatics of health services research
Response to
Response to Watson and Deary's critique
Response to
Response to Deary and Hoogbruin's critique
Response to
Voices from the Gila
Health-related quality of life and health service use following total hip replacement surgery
Gender influences beliefs about health and illness in diabetic subjects with severe foot lesions
Implementation of the pain and symptom assessment record (PSAR)
Pain management problems in patients' terminal phase as assessed by nurses in Finland
The work of district nurses
Evaluating Emergency Nurse Practitioner services
The essence of cancer care
A lived experience of dualism between the natural and human science paradigms in nursing
The General Practice Jigsaw
Family Centred Care
Critical Reflection for Nursing and the Helping Professions
Forthcoming contents for Volume 41, Number 1, January 2003