This issue of JAN
Current issues and forthcoming events
Who owns the child in hospital? A preliminary discussion
The art of developmental care in the NICU
Predictors of maternal competence by first-time mothers when the child is 8 months old
Health beliefs, perceived self-efficacy, and breast self-examination among Thai migrants in Brisbane
Cancer patients' decision-making regarding treatment and nursing care
Acute pain teams and the management of postoperative pain
Patient injury and physical restraint devices
Portfolios and assessment of competence
Supporting carers of people diagnosed with schizophrenia
In the field
The Project 2000 Nurse
Paediatric Neurosurgery. A Handbook for the Multidisciplinary Team
Pathways of Care in Vascular Surgery
Dying and Death in Canada
Forthcoming contents for Volume 41, Number 4, February 2003