This issue of JAN
Current issues and forthcoming events
The concept of readiness to change
Nursing theory views on how to support the process of ageing
Confronting life with rheumatoid arthritis
Acupoints massage in improving the quality of sleep and quality of life in patients with end-stage renal disease
Living with a woman with fibromyalgia from the perspective of the husband
Childbirth expectations of Chinese first-time pregnant women
Translation and restandardization of an instrument: the Early Infant Temperament Questionnaire
A systematic review of stress and stress management interventions for mental health nurses
Space and place in the construction and performance of gendered nursing identities
Seeking advice from NHS direct on common childhood complaints: does it matter who answers the phone?
Failure to Progress: The Contraction of the Midwifery Profession
The Foundations of Nursing Practice: Making the Difference
Research Methods for Postgraduates
Forthcoming contents for Volume 42, Number 3, May 2003