This issue of JAN
Editor's note: Introduction to guidelines on reporting qualitative research
Current issues and forthcoming events
Constructions of spirituality in contemporary nursing theory
Psychometric evaluation of the Spiritual Coping Strategies scale in English, Maltese, back-translation and bilingual versions
Symptom status and health-related quality of life: clinical relevance
Mothers' involvement in caring for their premature infants: an historical overview
Pain management in nursing procedures on premature babies
Life with a rare chronic disease: the scleroderma experience
The impact of incontinence on older spousal caregivers
Changing Childbirth: a pilot project
Identifying cancer nursing research priorities using the Delphi technique
Sexual harassment of nurses and nursing students
Selected Annotated Bibliography of Phenomenological Sources
A Guide to Medical Publishing and Writing, a Hospital Medicine
Advanced Research Methods in Psychology
Campbell's Physiology Notes for Nurses
Forthcoming contents for Volume 43, Number 1, July 2003