Scientific methods are the only credible way forward for nursing research
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Current issues and forthcoming events
Clinical experience as evidence in evidence-based practice
HIV/AIDS knowledge and risk behaviour in Hong Kong Chinese pregnant women
Patients' and nurses' experiences of perioperative dialogues
A chart audit of factors related to urine flow and urinary tract infection
Cultural childbirth practices and beliefs in Zambia
Are we wasting our money on food supplements in elder care wards?
Nurses and ‘difficult’ patients: negotiating non-compliance
Health Belief Model and Reversal Theory: a comparative analysis
Student nurses' attitudes towards working with older patients
The clinical landscape of critical care: nurses' decision-making
Response to: ‘Caring conversations – psychiatric patients' narratives about suffering’
Response to Chan's critique
Promotion of Mental Health Volume 7, 2000
Guided Reflection: Advancing Practice
Chronic and Terminal Illness
Monitoring the Critically Ill Patient
Forthcoming contents for Volume 43, Number 4, August 2003