Physiological monitoring in acute stroke
The use of nurses' and carers' observations in the identification of poststroke depression
Understanding dementia amongst people in minority ethnic and cultural groups
Staffing adequacy, supervisory support and quality of care in long-term care settings
Adjustment to colostomy
The construction of men who are nurses as gay
Holding together
Characteristics of patient and healthcare service utilization associated with inappropriate hospitalization days
Emotional toil
Nurse absenteeism and workload
EPUAP classification system for pressure ulcers
Nursing's ways of knowing and dual process theories of cognition
In response to
In response to
Research and Teaching
A Self-fulfilling Prophecy
Illustrated Pharmacology for Nurses
Essentials of Teaching and Learning in Nursing Ethics
Developing Effective Research Proposals, 2nd edn
Violence in Mental Health Settings
Oxford Handbook of Mental Health Nursing
Choosing Methods in Mental Health Research
Qualitative Research Practice
Doing Research with Children, 2nd edn
Rethinking Palliative Care
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Volume 61, Number 1, January 2008