The added value of nursing conceptual model-based research
The purpose and function of humour in health, health care and nursing
Theory-guided interventions for adaptation to heart failure
Disagreement and aggression in the operating theatre
Day healthcare services for family caregivers of older people with stroke
Real nursing? The development of telenursing
Effect of clean intermittent self-catheterization on quality of life
Coping, anxiety and quality of life after coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Efficacy of an insomnia intervention on fatigue, mood and quality of life in breast cancer survivors
Correlates of mood disturbance in women with breast cancer
Acknowledging communication
The multidimensionality of caring
The empathetic response in nurses who treat pain
In response to Wu S., Zhu W., Wang Z., Wang M. & Lan Y. (2007) Relationship between burnout and occupational stress among nurses in China. Journal of Advanced Nursing 59(3), 233–239.
Volume 62, Number 1, April 2008