Editor's Choice
Music-assisted relaxation to improve sleep quality: meta-analysis
Dressings for superficial and partial thickness burn
Effect of partogram use on outcomes for women in spontaneous labour at term
Exercise for depression
Vitamin C for preventing and treating tetanus
Comparison of postoperative pain management using two patient-controlled analgesia methods: nursing perspective
Promoting self-management improves the health status of patients having peritoneal dialysis
Silence, power and communication in the operating room
Retaining older nurses in primary care and the community
Influences of context, process and individual differences on nurses' readiness for change to Magnet status
Effect of performance feedback on tracheal suctioning knowledge and skills: randomized controlled trial
Perceptions of a service redesign by adults living with type 2 diabetes
Quality of life in partners of people with congestive heart failure: gender and involvement in care
Intimate partner abuse factors associated with women's health: a general population study
Patient-centred care and nurses' health: the role of nurses' caring orientation
Quality of life among older grandparent caregivers: a pilot study
Chinese Version of the Positive and Negative Suicide Ideation: Instrument Development
Nurse–Physician Collaboration Scale: development and psychometric testing
Missed nursing care: a concept analysis
Reflexivity, critical qualitative research and emancipation: a Foucauldian perspective
Engaging with nature to promote health: new directions for nursing research
Toward a theory of online communication in illness: concept analysis of illness blogs
Theoretical substruction: establishing links between theory and measurement of military women's attitudes towards menstrual suppression during military operations
Humanism and its critiques in nursing research literature
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