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Nurses’ role in detecting deterioration in ward patients: systematic literature review
Heparin flushing and other interventions to maintain patency of central venous catheters: a systematic review
Postnatal parental education for optimizing infant general health and parent–infant relationships
Prevention and management of complications associated with established percutaneous gastrostomy tubes in adults: a systematic review
Rehabilitation for older people in long-term care
Low glycaemic index or low glycaemic load, diets for diabetes mellitus
The phoenix process: a substantive theory about allegations of unprofessional conduct
Elderly peoples’ experience of nursing care after a stroke: from a gender perspective
Nurse-led peer support group: experiences of women with polycystic ovary syndrome
Work-related stress, education and work ability among hospital nurses
Relationship of working mothers’ parenting style and consistency to early childhood development: a longitudinal investigation
Administrative claims data analysis of nurse practitioner prescribing for older adults
Emotional stability of nurses: impact on patient safety
Work sampling: a quantitative analysis of nursing activity in a neuro-rehabilitation setting
The role of irrational thought in medicine adherence: people with diabetic kidney disease
Instruments to tailor care of people with type 2 diabetes
Factors affecting quality of life in Taiwanese survivors of childhood cancer
Nursing students’ knowledge and practice of infection control precautions: an educational intervention
Resource-enhancing psychosocial support in family situations: needs and benefits from family members’ own perspectives
Experiences of hospital care reported by bereaved relatives of patients after a stroke: a retrospective survey using the VOICES questionnaire
Hospital nurse practice environment, burnout, job outcomes and quality of care: test of a structural equation model
Intimate partner violence and cardiovascular risk: is there a link?
Parent's involvement in decisions when their child is admitted to hospital with suspected shunt malfunction: study protocol
Stress in telephone helpline nurses: research protocol for a study of theoretical determinants, physiological aspects and behavioural consequences
The Professionalism and Environmental Factors in the Workplace Questionnaire®: development and psychometric evaluation
TEMPtEd: development and psychometric properties of a tool to evaluate material used in patient education
Core measures for developmentally supportive care in neonatal intensive care units: theory, precedence and practice
The theory of music, mood and movement to improve health outcomes
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