Editor's Choice
Women's perceptions and experiences of a traumatic birth: a meta-ethnography
Roles and systems for routine medication administration to prevent medication errors in hospital-based, acute care settings: a systematic review; A comparison of palliative care outcome measures used to assess the quality of palliative care provided in residential aged care facilities: a systematic review; The socioeconomic value of nursing and midwifery; A systematic review of the experiences of adult ventilator-dependent patients
The work of nurse practitioners
Critical thinking dispositions among newly graduated nurses
Critical thinking skills in nursing students: comparison of simulation-based performance with metrics
Understanding whistleblowing: qualitative insights from nurse whistleblowers
Factors predicting blood pressure control in older Chinese immigrants to the United States of America
Nurses' work environments, care rationing, job outcomes, and quality of care on neonatal units
Ginger compress therapy for adults with osteoarthritis
Case management educational intervention with public health nurses: cluster randomized controlled trial
Termination of pregnancy services: experiences of gynaecological nurses
Medical Aid service overuse assessed by case managers in Korea
Swiss Cancer League communication skills training programme for oncology nurses: an evaluation
Patients with colorectal cancer: relationship between demographic and disease characteristics and acceptance of disability
Quality of life, dyspnea and ventricular function in patients with hypertension
Influenza vaccine preference and uptake among older people in nine countries
Terms used for isolation practices by nurses at an academic medical center
A Delphi study to validate an Advanced Practice Nursing tool
Satisfaction Scale for Community Nursing: development and validation
Cigarette dependence questionnaire: development and psychometric testing with male smokers
Insomnia Severity Index: psychometric properties with Chinese community-dwelling older people
Chinese version of the Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia Scale: initial psychometric evaluation
Forthcoming Contents Volume 66 Number 11 November 2010