Editor's Choice
Psychological distress associated with the diagnostic phase for suspected breast cancer: systematic review
Eye irrigation for patients with ocular chemical burns: a systematic review; Effectiveness of nurse-led preoperative assessment services for elective surgery: a systematic review; The effectiveness of using human patient simulation manikins in the teaching of clinical reasoning skills to undergraduate nursing students: a systematic review; The effectiveness of educational strategies in improving parental/caregiver management of fever in their child: a systematic review
Nurses’ use of non-pharmacological methods in children's postoperative pain management: educational intervention study
Nursing care for patients requesting euthanasia in general hospitals in Flanders, Belgium
What informs parents’ decision-making about childhood vaccinations?
Women's experiences of seeking reproductive health care in rural Ghana: challenges for maternal health service utilization
Pain management interventions with parents in the emergency department: a randomized trial
Family caregivers’ needs predict functional recovery of older care recipients after hip fracture
Beyond incontinence: the stigma of other urinary symptoms
School nurses’ involvement, attitudes and training needs for mental health work: a UK-wide cross-sectional study
Prevalence of accurate nursing documentation in patient records
Community care assessment of exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Laparoscopic surgery for endometrial cancer: a phenomenological study
Everyday ethics: ethical issues and stress in nursing practice
Professional autonomy and job satisfaction: survey of critical care nurses in mainland Greece
Motivation for entry, occupational commitment and intent to remain: a survey regarding Registered Nurse retention
Research citation analysis of nursing academics in Canada: identifying success indicators
Effect of patient coping preferences on quality of life following renal transplantation
The HIV Medication Taking Self-efficacy Scale: psychometric evaluation
Metacognitive Inventory for nursing students in Taiwan: instrument development and testing
Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale for Children: psychometric testing of the Chinese version
Joint or clinical chairs in nursing: from cup of plenty to poisoned chalice?
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Forthcoming Contents Volume 66 Number 12 December 2010