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The science of intervention development for type 1 diabetes in childhood: systematic review
Systematic review of how to stop smoking in pregnancy and following childbirth; The experience of living with chronic manifestations of lymphatic filariasis among patients 15 years and older in developing countries: a systematic review; Utilization of theoretical models and frameworks in the process of evidence synthesis: scoping review; The effectiveness of sitz bath in managing adult patients with anorectal disorders: a systematic review
Empirical test of an explanatory theory of postpartum fatigue in Korea
Effects of perineal trauma on postpartum sexual function
Predicting incidence and asymptomatic rates for chlamydia in small domains
Smoking among young children in Hong Kong: influence of parental smoking
Nurse practitioner-led surgical spine consultation clinic
Effectiveness of music intervention on the quality of life of older people
Association of breathlessness with multiple symptoms in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Usability evaluation of a web-based patient information system for individuals with severe mental health problems
‘Mutual intacting’: a grounded theory study of clinical judgement practice issues
Final-year nursing students’ ability to assess, detect and act on clinical cues of deterioration in a simulated environment
New graduate nurses’ experiences of bullying and burnout in hospital settings
Illness representations predict health-related quality of life 6 months after hospital discharge in individuals with injury: a predictive survey
Nurses’ risk assessment judgements: a confidence calibration study
Implementing evidence-based practice: effectiveness of a structured multifaceted mentorship programme
Development and psychometric testing of the Health Beliefs Related to Cardiovascular Disease Scale: preliminary findings
Nursing and healthcare students’ experiences and use of e-learning in higher education
Health index, sense of coherence scale, brief religious coping scale and spiritual perspective scale: psychometric properties
The novice objective structured clinical evaluation tool: psychometric testing
Vulnerability in homeless adolescents: concept analysis
Nursing Services Delivery Theory: an open system approach
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