Editor-in-Chief's Introduction
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Information transfer for multi-trauma patients on discharge from the emergency department
Anxiety in patients with breast cancer undergoing treatment; The use of the Visual Analogue Scale for the assessment of labour pain
Implementation of evidence-based nursing practice
Working together to improve the care of older people
Family presence preference when patients are receiving resuscitation in an accident and emergency department
Multimedia education programme for patients with a stoma
Condom negotiation
Community matrons – an exploratory study of patients’ views and experiences
Continence management in acute stroke
Mothers’ sense of security in the first postnatal week
Nurse prescribing roles in acute care
Risk assessment following self-harm
Patients’ experiences of day surgery
Satellite dialysis nursing
Effects of a home-based walking program on perceived symptom and mood status in postoperative breast cancer women receiving adjuvant chemotherapy
Grandparents and siblings of children with congenital heart disease
Training nurses in the treatment of tobacco use and dependence
Conducting critical ethnography in long-term residential care
Childbirth Self-Efficacy Inventory and Childbirth Attitudes Questionnaire
Diabetes Empowerment Process Scale
Effects of a patient/family-centered practice change on the quality and cost of intensive care
Forthcoming Contents Volume 67 Number 2 February 2011