Family-centred care: what works and what does not work
Quality of life in people with venous leg ulcers: an integrative review
Ethical considerations in the study of online illness narratives: a qualitative review
Children’s views about obesity, body size, shape and weight; Inequalities and the mental health of young people: a systematic review of secondary school-based cognitive behavioural interventions; Intervention strategies that support self-care activities: an integrative study across disease/impairment groupings; Advocacy interventions to reduce or eliminate violence and promote the physical and psychosocial well-being of women who experience intimate partner abuse
Reducing the fear of falling among community-dwelling elderly adults through cognitive-behavioural strategies and intense Tai Chi exercise: a randomized controlled trial
Relationship between sleeping on the night shift and recovery from work among nursing workers – the influence of domestic work
‘It’s not me, it’s them’: How lesbian women make sense of negative experiences of maternity care: a hermeneutic study
Nurses’ experiences of uncertainty in clinical practice: a descriptive study
Symptom clusters and health-related quality of life in people with chronic stable angina
A pilot study of a systematic method for translating patient satisfaction questionnaires
A qualitative analysis of stress, uplifts and coping in the personal and professional lives of Singaporean nurses
Staff nurses’ sites of choice for administering intramuscular injections to adult patients in the acute care setting
Information needs of Chinese surgical patients on discharge:a comparison of patients’ and nurses’ perceptions
Data-based nurse staffing indicators with Bayesian networks explain nurse job satisfaction: a pilot study
Work-related injury in the nursing profession: an investigation of modifiable factors
Factors influencing the contribution of advanced practice nurses to promoting evidence-based practice among front-line nurses: findings from a cross-sectional survey
The effect of nurse-facilitated family participation in the psychological care of the critically ill patient
Glycaemic index knowledge and use among African Americans with type 2 diabetes
Clinical Nursing Faculty Competence Inventory – development and psychometric testing
Evaluation of the Swedish version of the Child Drawing: Hospital Manual
Assessment of comatose patients: a Portuguese instrument based on the Coma Recovery Scale – Revised and using nursing standard terminology
Development and validation of the paediatric cancer coping scale
Family-centred care of children in hospital – a concept analysis
Testing and verifying nursing theory by confirmatory factor analysis
Comment on: Thompson H.J. & Kagan S.H. (2011) Clinical management of fever by nurses: doing what works. Journal of Advanced Nursing 67(2), 359–370
Forthcoming Contents Volume 67 Number 6 June 2011