Editor's Choice
Factors affecting nurse practitioner role implementation in Canadian practice settings: an integrative review
Nurses' and patients' perceptions of caring behaviours: quantitative systematic review of comparative studies
Practice guideline dissemination and implementation strategies for healthcare teams and team-based practice; Acute adverse reactions of rapid Rituximab infusion among adult patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia; The interaction between behaviour and speech and language difficulties: does intervention for one affect outcomes in the other?; The experience of self care: a systematic review
What information counts at the moment of practice? Information practices of renal nurses
Seclusion as a necessary intervention: the relationship between burnout, job satisfaction and therapeutic optimism and justification for the use of seclusion
Improving family-staff relationships in assisted living facilities: the views of family
Empathic accuracy of nurses' immediate responses to fibromyalgia patients' expressions of negative emotions: an evaluation using interaction analysis
A qualitative descriptive study of self-management issues in people with long-term intermittent urinary catheters
Experiences of health-promoting self-care in people living with rheumatic diseases
Online communities of practice as a communication resource for community health nurses working with homeless persons
Changes in quality of life during biofeedback for people with puborectalis dyssynergia: generic and disease-specific measures
Breast cancer knowledge among women with intellectual disabilities and their experiences of receiving breast mammography
Sense of security among people aged 65 and 75: external and inner sources of security
Exploring the burden of emergency care: predictors of stress-health outcomes in emergency nurses
Social rehabilitation in long-term conditions: learning about the process
Nurse-delivered and doctor-delivered care in an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder follow-up clinic: a comparative study using propensity score matching
Access to respite breaks for families who have a relative with intellectual disabilities: a national survey
Analysis of international content of ranked nursing journals in 2005 using ex post facto design
Fatigue, performance and the work environment: a survey of registered nurses
Factor structure and gender invariance of the Chinese General Self-Efficacy Scale among soon-to-be-aged adults
Relationships and betrayal among young women: theoretical perspectives on adolescent dating abuse
Forthcoming Contents Volume 67 Number 7 July 2011