Editor's Choice
Key characteristics of knowledge transfer and exchange in healthcare: integrative literature review
Contextual factors influencing success or failure of emergency department interventions for cognitively impaired older people: a scoping and integrative review
Children's experiences of procedural pain management in conjunction with trauma wound dressings
An analysis of parental roles during haematopoietic stem cell transplantation of their offspring: a qualitative and participant observational study
Surviving the wait: defining support while awaiting breast cancer surgery
Struggling to retain living space: patients' stories about living with advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Effects of an osteoarthritis self-management programme
Nurses' and midwives' clinical leadership development needs: A mixed methods study
Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms among emergency nurses: their perspective and a ‘tailor-made’ solution
A theoretical framework of caring in the Chinese context: a grounded theory study
Nurse burnout and its association with occupational stress in a cross-sectional study in Shanghai
Clarifying responsibility for self-management of diabetes in adolescents using insulin pumps – a qualitative study
Investigating the contribution of community nurses to anticipatory care: a qualitative exploratory study
Teacher Competences required for developing reflection skills of nursing students
Registered Nurses' smoking behaviours and their attitudes to personal cessation
Exploring and comparing the experience and coping behaviour of men and women with colorectal cancer at diagnosis and during surgery
Comparative evaluation of five needleless intravenous connectors
Modernization and future care preferences: a cross-sectional survey of Arab Israeli caregivers
Psychometric validity of the Problem-Focused Style of Coping scale: in relation to self-efficacy and life satisfaction among nursing staff in Taiwan
Pragmatism as the philosophical foundation for the Joanna Briggs meta-aggregative approach to qualitative evidence synthesis
Forthcoming Contents Volume 67 Number 8 August 2011