Editor's Choice
Quality of nursing documentation and approaches to its evaluation: a mixed-method systematic review
Self-efficacy and its influence on recovery of patients with stroke: a systematic review
Nurses’ perceptions of individualized care: an international comparison
How nursing staff spend their time on activities in a nursing home: an observational study
Work attendance among healthcare workers: prevalence, incentives, and long-term consequences for health and performance
Knowledge mobilized by a critical thinking process deployed by nursing students in practical care situations: a qualitative study
Being in suspense: women's experiences awaiting breast cancer surgery
Beneficial effects of foot care nursing for people with diabetes mellitus: an uncontrolled before and after intervention study
Determinants of reproductive health and related quality of life among Indian women in mining communities
A pilot study to assess if urine specific gravity and urine colour charts are useful indicators of dehydration in acute stroke patients
Evaluating the use of a targeted multiple intervention strategy in reducing patient falls in an acute care hospital: a randomized controlled trial
Healthcare professionals’ and mothers’ perceptions of factors that influence decisions to breastfeed or formula feed infants: a comparative study
The role of advanced practice nurses in knowledge brokering as a means of promoting evidence-based practice among clinical nurses
Development of the model of health for older adults
Process evaluation of a multiple risk factor perinatal programme for a hard-to-reach minority group
Effectiveness of a brief intervention for managing hazardous drinking problems of inpatients in Taiwan
Testing the Integrated Theory of Health Behaviour Change for postpartum weight management
Effectiveness of a health promotion programme for farmers and fishermen with type-2 diabetes in Taiwan
The value of reflexivity in resolving ethical dilemmas research in care homes
Forthcoming Contents Volume 67 Number 10 October 2011