Editor's Choice
The relationship between diabetes self-management and metabolic control in youth with type 1 diabetes: an integrative review
Coping and subjective burden in caregivers of older relatives: a quantitative systematic review
Medication discussion between nurse prescribers and people with diabetes: an analysis of content and participation using MEDICODE
The effect of a cryotherapy gel wrap on the microcirculation of skin affected by chronic venous disorders
Inequity in provision of and access to health visiting postnatal depression services
Experiences prior to diagnosis of non-Hodgkin lymphoma: a phenomenological study
Working with culture: culturally appropriate mental health care for Asian Americans
Associations between self-rated health and psychosocial conditions, lifestyle factors and health resources among hospital nurses in Lithuania
Holistic concerns of Chinese stroke survivors during hospitalization and in transition to home
Self-assessment or self deception? A lack of association between nursing students' self-assessment and performance
The effect of music on biochemical markers and self-perceived stress among first-line nurses: a randomized controlled crossover trial
Does collective efficacy moderate the associations between physical work load and intention to leave or sickness absence?
Effects of a blended learning module on self-reported learning performances in baccalaureate nursing students
Student nurse dyads create a community of learning: proposing a holistic clinical education theory
A confirmatory study of Violence Risk Assessment Tool (M55) and demographic predictors of patient violence
Development and psychometric testing of the Spiritual Care Inventory instrument
Efficacy of penguin cap as scalp cooling system for prevention of alopecia in patients undergoing chemotherapy
The discursive practices of nurse practitioner legislation in Australia
A discussion of approaches to transforming care: contemporary strategies to improve patient safety
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