Editor's Choice
Nurses' decision-making in cases of physical restraint: a synthesis of qualitative evidence
Hope, older adults, and chronic illness: a metasynthesis of qualitative research
The cost-effectiveness of substituting physicians with diabetes nurse specialists: a randomized controlled trial with 2-year follow-up
Nurse practitioners and physician assistants in Dutch hospitals: their role, extent of substitution and facilitators and barriers experienced in the reallocation of tasks
The consequences of unsafe abortion : a qualitative study
Predictors of complementary and alternative medicine use by people with type 2 diabetes
The effectiveness of intensive nursing care on seasonal variation of blood pressure in patients on peritoneal dialysis
Promoting patient care: work engagement as a mediator between ward service climate and patient-centred care
Pain management in neonates: a survey of nurses and doctors
Decision-making processes used by nurses during intravenous drug preparation and administration
Symptom burden and quality of life in patients with malignant fungating wounds
Cognitive stimulation during hospitalization improves global cognition of older Taiwanese undergoing elective total knee and hip replacement surgery
Email interviewing: generating data with a vulnerable population
Managing risk and conflict behaviours in acute psychiatry: the dual role of constant special observation
Nurses' use of online health information in medical wards
Attitudes of qualified vs. student mental health nurses towards an individual diagnosed with schizophrenia
Advanced practice nursing role development: factor analysis of a modified role delineation tool
Quality clinical placements for undergraduate nursing students: a cross-sectional survey of undergraduates and supervising nurses
The impact of intuition and supervisor–nurse relationships on empowerment and affective commitment by generation
Development and psychometric evaluation of the Treatment Adherence Questionnaire for Patients with Hypertension
Work engagement in nursing: a concept analysis
The past, present and future of nursing education in the People's Republic of China: a discussion paper
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