The five top bad reasons nurses don’t publish in impactful journals
Topical herbal application as an adjuvant treatment for chronic kidney disease – a systematic review of randomized controlled clinical trials
Working with interpreters in cross-cultural qualitative research in the context of a developing country: systematic literature review
People’s experiences of the impact of transient ischaemic attack and its consequences: qualitative study
The next of kin of older people undergoing haemodialysis: a discursive perspective on perceptions of participation
‘Living a life in shades of grey’: experiencing depressive symptoms in the acute phase after stroke
Light is beneficial for infant circadian entrainment: an actigraphic study
Does postoperative ‘M’ technique® massage with or without mandarin oil reduce infants’ distress after major craniofacial surgery?
Patient and nurse staffing characteristics associated with high sitter use costs
The attitudes of neonatal nurses towards extremely preterm infants
Exploring the scope of expanding advanced nursing practice in nurse-led clinics: a multiple-case study
Social capital and knowledge sharing: effects on patient safety
The image of you: constructing nursing identities in YouTube
Lifestyle risk management – a qualitative analysis of women’s descriptions of taking hormone therapy following surgically induced menopause
Patients of parish nurses experience renewed spiritual identity: a grounded theory study
Cardiac rehabilitation and the therapeutic environment: the importance of physical, social, and symbolic safety for programme participation among women
Perspectives on peritoneal dialysis at home: implications for the management of a chronic condition. A study protocol
Moving beyond safe sex to women-controlled safe sex: a concept analysis
Using the Precede–Proceed Model of Health Program Planning in breast cancer nursing research
Home healthcare nurse retention and patient outcome model: discussion and model development
Interprofessional working or role substitution? A discussion of the emerging roles in emergency care
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