Open access and online publishing: a new frontier in nursing?
Women’s perceptions and experiences of group cognitive behaviour therapy and other group interventions for postnatal depression: a qualitative synthesis
Using the experiences of people with familial hypercholesterolaemia to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease: a qualitative systematic review
Organizational risk management of resistance to care episodes in health facilities
Phenomenological shifts for healthcare professionals after experiencing a research-based drama on living with dementia
Task uncertainty and communication during nursing shift handovers
Reactions of staff members and lay people to family presence during resuscitation: the effect of visible bleeding, resuscitation outcome and gender
Reasons for living among older male Chinese residents of veterans’ homes
Kangaroo Mother Care helps fathers of preterm infants gain confidence in the paternal role
Effect of pelvic floor muscle exercise programme on stress urinary incontinence among pregnant women
Gaining confidence and perspective: a phenomenological study of mothers’ lived experiences caring for infants at home after neonatal unit discharge
Is an advance care planning model feasible in community palliative care? A multi-site action research approach
Care closer to home for children and young people who are ill: developing and testing a model of service delivery and organization
Testing an integral conceptual model of frailty
Staff and patient views of the concept of hope on a stroke unit: a qualitative study
Assessing advanced cancer pain in older adults with dementia at the end-of-life
Herth Hope Index: psychometric testing of the Chinese version
Validation of a new assessment tool for qualitative research articles
The Online Parent Information and Support project, meeting parents’ information and support needs for home-based management of childhood chronic kidney disease: research protocol
The manipulation of drugs to obtain the required dose: systematic review
Development of a shared theory in palliative care to enhance nursing competence
Compassion fatigue in family caregivers: a Wilsonian concept analysis
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