The guiding of research funding: corrosive competition or stability, sustainability and serendipity
Are nurses prepared to respond to a bioterrorist attack: a narrative synthesis
The appropriateness of, and compliance with, telephone triage decisions: a systematic review and narrative synthesis
Challenges to nurse prescribers of a no-antibiotic prescribing strategy for managing self-limiting respiratory tract infections
The relationships of social support, uncertainty, self-efficacy, and commitment to prenatal psychosocial adaptation
The mediating effects of perceived parental teasing on relations of body mass index to depression and self-perception of physical appearance and global self-worth in children
The meaning and consequences of tuberculosis among Somali people in the United Kingdom
Patients' views of patient-centred care: a phenomenological case study in one surgical unit
Evaluation of a bibliotherapy manual for reducing psychological distress in people with depression: a randomized controlled trial
Patient and visitor violence in the general hospital, occurrence, staff interventions and consequences: a cross-sectional survey
Procedural pain and anxiety in paediatric patients in a Mexican emergency department
Impact of skill mix variations on patient outcomes following implementation of nursing hours per patient day staffing: a retrospective study
“I can't just follow any particular textbook”: immigrants in cardiac rehabilitation
Fathers' emotional involvement with the neonate: impact of the umbilical cord cutting experience
The experiences of medically fragile adolescents who require respiratory assistance
Psychometric properties of the Dutch version of the American nursing activity scale in an intensive care unit
Instrument validation: hospital nurse perceptions of their Behavioral Health Care Competency
Peer-led diabetes self-management programme for community-dwelling older people in China: study protocol for a quasi-experimental design
Assessing acute coronary syndrome patients' cardiac-related beliefs, motivation and mood over time to predict non-attendance at cardiac rehabilitation
How can we maximize nursing students' learning about research evidence and utilization in undergraduate, preregistration programmes? A discussion paper
Principle-based analysis of the concept of telecare
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