Succeeding in research: insights from management and game theory
Implementing the 4D cycle of appreciative inquiry in health care: a methodological review
A qualitative study of young people's perspectives of living with type 1 diabetes: do perceptions vary by levels of metabolic control?
Postpartum depression: the (in) experience of Brazilian primary healthcare professionals
Comparative characteristics of the home care nursing services used by community-dwelling older people from urban and rural environments
Lesbian co-mothers' experiences of maternity healthcare services
Effectiveness of the ‘sleep enhancement’ nursing intervention in hospitalized mental health patients
Exploring the underlying factors influencing e-learning adoption in nurse education
Does psychological well-being mediate the association between experiences of acts of offensive behaviour and turnover among care workers? A longitudinal analysis
Predictors of successful transition to Registered Nurse
Differences between clinical specialist and advanced practitioner clinical practice, leadership, and research roles, responsibilities, and perceived outcomes (the SCAPE study)
Clinical validation of the nursing diagnoses of Impaired Tissue Integrity and Impaired Skin Integrity in patients subjected to cardiac catheterization
Factors related to dietary habits and body mass index among Turkish school children: a Cox's interaction model-based study
Experiences of young adults growing up with innate or early acquired HIV infection – a qualitative study
Minimizing the risk of intrusion: a grounded theory of intimate partner violence disclosure in emergency departments
A randomized controlled trial of the effects of listening to non-commercial music on quality of nocturnal sleep and relaxation indices in patients in medical intensive care unit
Protecting, providing, and participating: fathers' roles during their child's unplanned hospital stay, an ethnographic study
Experience of social role strain in Korean women with type 2 diabetes
Nursing competence: psychometric evaluation using Rasch modelling
Patients' aggressive behaviours towards nurses: development and psychometric properties of the hospital aggressive behaviour scale- users
Text-in-context: a method for extracting findings in mixed-methods mixed research synthesis studies
Forthcoming Contents Volume 69 Number 7 July 2013