Subjective and objective histories of nursing in the academy: the importance of marking time
Perioperative anxiety and postoperative pain in children and adolescents undergoing elective surgical procedures: a quantitative systematic review
A mixed-method systematic review: support for ethical competence of nurses
Acquired pharmaco-dynamic opioid tolerance: a concept analysis
Mindfulness in nursing: an evolutionary concept analysis
The nursing profession: public image, self-concept and professional identity. A discussion paper
Testing and extending the triple match principle in the nursing profession: a generational perspective on job demands, job resources and strain at work
Students' and families' expenditures to attend a nursing programme in 2011–2012: a comparison of five southern European countries
Adult patients with schizophrenia using violence towards their parents: a phenomenological study of views and experiences of violence in parent–child dyads
The experience of discrimination by US and Internationally educated nurses in hospital practice in the USA: a qualitative study
‘I am not a dyslexic person I'm a person with dyslexia’: identity constructions of dyslexia among students in nurse education
The impact of organizational support and leader–member exchange on the work-related behaviour of nursing professionals: the moderating effect of professional and organizational identification
Control in chronic condition self-care management: how it occurs in the health worker–client relationship and implications for client empowerment
A companionship between strangers – the hospital environment as a challenge in patient–patient interaction in oncology wards
An iterative consensus-building approach to revising a genetics/genomics competency framework for nurse education in the UK
Examining clinical supervision as a mechanism for changes in practice: a research protocol
A randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of a therapeutic play intervention on outcomes of children undergoing inpatient elective surgery: study protocol
Development and validation of the Work Stressor Inventory for Nurses in Oncology: preliminary findings
Development and psychometric testing of the online Adolescent Diabetes Needs Assessment Tool (ADNAT)
Commentary on: Clark A. M. & Thompson D. R. (2013) Succeeding in research: insights from management and game theory. Journal of Advanced Nursing 69(6), 1221-1223.
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