A critique of concept analysis
Systematic review of the psychometric properties and theoretical grounding of instruments evaluating self-care in people with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
What's my line? A narrative review and synthesis of the literature on Registered Nurses' communication behaviours between shifts
Spiritual care of the child with cancer at the end of life: a concept analysis
Autonomy-supportive intervention: an evolutionary concept analysis
Undertaking qualitative health research in social virtual worlds
The process and utility of classification and regression tree methodology in nursing research
The mediating effects of coping on the stress and health relationships among nursing students: a structural equation modelling approach
Interprofessional team dynamics and information flow management in emergency departments
Patient perceptions of patient-empowering nurse behaviours, patient activation and functional health status in postsurgical patients with life-threatening long-term illnesses
Impact of serving method on the consumption of nutritional supplement drinks: randomized trial in older adults with cognitive impairment
The gendered impact of Irritable Bowel Syndrome: a qualitative study of patients' experiences
What counts as effective communication in nursing? Evidence from nurse educators' and clinicians' feedback on nurse interactions with simulated patients
The associations among the ethical climate, the professional practice environment and individualized care in care settings for older people
Family caregiver challenges in dementia care in a country with undeveloped dementia services
Health-promoting behaviour among women with abdominal obesity: a conceptual link to social support and perceived stress
Pain: A quality of care issue during patients' admission to hospital
Paediatric nurses’ adherence to the double-checking process during medication administration in a children's hospital: an observational study
Effectiveness of audiovisual interventions on stress responses in adolescents with ENT surgery in hospital: randomized controlled trial protocol
Effectiveness of a peer-led self-management programme for people with schizophrenia: protocol for a randomized controlled trial
Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole on nursing and health care
Mary Seacole – the world's first nurse entrepreneur?
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