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Qualitative systematic review: the unique experiences of the nurse-family member when a loved one is admitted with a critical illness
Towards environmentally responsible nursing: a critical interpretive synthesis
The concept of shared mental models in healthcare collaboration
Adverse childhood experiences: towards a clear conceptual meaning
The history of nurse imagery and the implications for recruitment: a discussion paper
Nursing typhus victims in the Second World War, 1942–1944: a discussion paper
Heidegger, lived experience and method
Triage: an investigation of the process and potential vulnerabilities
Constructing identities in the media: newspaper coverage analysis of a major UK Clostridium difficile outbreak
Delivering good service: personal resources, job satisfaction and nurses’ ‘customer’ (patient) orientation
Illness experiences in middle-aged adults with early-stage knee osteoarthritis: findings from a qualitative study
The effect of self-efficacy, depression and symptom distress on employment status and leisure activities of liver transplant recipients
A field study of the role of nurses in advocating for safe practice in hospitals
‘It's like a bag of pick and mix – you don't know what you are going to get’: young people's experience of neurofibromatosis Type 1
Double-duty caregivers: healthcare professionals juggling employment and informal caregiving. A survey on personal health and work experiences
A randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of planning strategies in the adherence to medication for coronary artery disease
Leadership and innovation in nursing seen through a historical lens
Quality of doctoral nursing education in the United Kingdom: exploring the views of doctoral students and staff based on a cross-sectional questionnaire survey
Evaluating the acceptability and efficacy of a psycho-educational intervention for coping and symptom management by children with cancer: a randomized controlled study
A randomized controlled trial for the use of Thymus Honey in decreasing Salivary Gland Damage following Radioiodine Therapy for Thyroid cancer: research protocol
Thriving in long-term care facilities: instrument development, correspondence between proxy and residents' self-ratings and internal consistency in the Norwegian version
Commentary on: Editorial Successful failure: good for the self and science. Clark A.M. & Thompson D. (2013) Journal of Advanced Nursing 69(10): 2145-2147.