Optimizing the world's nursing and midwifery roles to meet the Millennium Development Goals for maternal and child health more effectively
A comparative review of nurse turnover rates and costs across countries
A meta-ethnography of patients' experiences of chronic pelvic pain: struggling to construct chronic pelvic pain as ‘real’
Beyond competencies: using a capability framework in developing practice standards for advanced practice nursing
Whole exome or genome sequencing: nurses need to prepare families for the possibilities
Maintaining Unity – relatives in older patients' fast-track treatment programmes. A grounded theory study
Comparing the monitoring of patients transferred from a critical care unit to hospital wards at after-hours with day transfers: an exploratory, prospective cohort study
The emergent relevance of care staff decision-making and situation awareness to mobility care in nursing homes: an ethnographic study
Aged over 50 years and practising: separation and changes in nursing practice among New Zealand's older Registered Nurses
Stories about life narrated by people with Alzheimer's disease
The work of living with a rare cancer: multiple myeloma
Behavioural cancer risk factors in women diagnosed with primary breast cancer
Factors associated with health-related quality of life among patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillator: identification of foci for nursing intervention
Fostering supportive community connections through mothers' groups and playgroups
The ‘active ingredients’ for successful community engagement with disadvantaged expectant and new mothers: a qualitative comparative analysis
Sexual health risks and health-seeking behaviours among substance-misusing women
Adherence in patients in the first year after kidney transplantation and its impact on graft loss and mortality: a cross-sectional and prospective study
Attitudes towards young people who self-harm: age, an influencing factor
Predicting emotional exhaustion among haemodialysis nurses: a structural equation model using Kanter's structural empowerment theory
Application of Heideggerian phenomenology to mentorship of nursing students
Conceptualizations of dignity at the end of life: exploring theoretical and cultural congruence with dignity therapy
A randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of a self-help psychoeducation programme on outcomes of outpatients with coronary heart disease: study protocol
‘Keep fit’ exercise interventions to improve health, fitness and well-being of children and young people who use wheelchairs: mixed-method systematic review protocol
Development and psychometric testing of the ‘Motivation and Self-Efficacy in Early Detection of Skin Lesions’ index
Instrument development and validation of a quality scale for historical research papers (QSHRP): a pilot study
Commentary on: Draper P. (2014) Editorial: a critique of concept analysis. Journal of Advanced Nursing 70, 1207–1208.
The Baby and the Bathwater
Response to two JAN Forum commentaries on A critique of concept analysis, P. Draper, (2014). Journal of Advanced Nursing, 70: 1207–1208.