The international clinical practice guideline for prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers/injuries
A mixed-method synthesis of knowledge, experiences and attitudes of health professionals to Female Genital Mutilation
Sedation protocols to reduce duration of mechanical ventilation in the ICU: a Cochrane Systematic Review
Understanding the relationship between breastfeeding and postnatal depression: the role of pain and physical difficulties *
How the ‘warped’ relationships between nurses' emotions, attitudes, social support and perceived organizational conditions impact customer orientation
Relational job characteristics and nurses’ affective organizational commitment: the mediating role of work engagement
Effects of an intervention with drinking chamomile tea on sleep quality and depression in sleep disturbed postnatal women: a randomized controlled trial
Clinical supervision and nursing students' professional competence: support-seeking behaviour and the attachment styles of students and mentors
General health and state anxiety in patients recovering from colorectal cancer surgery
The relationship between insomnia with short sleep duration is associated with hypercholesterolemia: a cross-sectional study
Factors associated with eating performance for long-term care residents with moderate-to-severe cognitive impairment
Unsettled teamwork: communication and learning in the operating theatres of an urban hospital
Chasing the Mirage: a grounded theory of the clinical reasoning processes that Registered Nurses use to recognize delirium
Metaphorical expressions used in Swedish news media narratives to portray the shortage of nurses and their working conditions
Medication knowledge and willingness to nurse-initiate medications in an emergency department: a mixed-methods study
A trial examining an advanced practice nurse intervention to promote medication adherence and symptom management in adult cancer patients prescribed oral anti-cancer agents: study protocol
Caregiver resilience in palliative care: a research protocol
A family-focused intervention for heart failure self-care: conceptual underpinnings of a culturally appropriate intervention
Building qualitative study design using nursing's disciplinary epistemology
Application of simplified Complexity Theory concepts for healthcare social systems to explain the implementation of evidence into practice
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