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External scrutiny, faculty research culture and the changing university
Systematic review and meta‐analysis of the diagnostic accuracy of the water swallow test for screening aspiration in stroke patients
The influence of intensive lifestyle intervention on patients with isolated impaired fasting glucose
Systematic review of self‐management in patients with schizophrenia
Quantitative systematic review of the effects of non‐pharmacological interventions on reducing apathy in persons with dementia
Coping, adapting or self‐managing – what is the difference? A concept review based on the neurological literature
Transformational leadership in nursing
Career development tips for today's nursing academic
The treatment experiences of people living with ileostomies
Perceptions about traditional and novel methods to learn about postoperative pain management
Experience of hypertensive patients with self‐management of health care
Living with illness and self‐transcendence
Factors influencing decision‐making around family presence during resuscitation
“You are either out on the court, or sitting on the bench”
The quest of pain education leaders in Canada and the United States
The first year
Patients' assessment of quality of care in public tertiary hospitals with and without accreditation
Effects of work–family–school role conflicts and role‐related social support on burnout in Registered Nurses
Symptom trajectory and symptom burden in older people with multimorbidity, secondary outcome from the RCT AGe‐FIT study
Do student nurses experience Imposter Phenomenon? An international comparison of Final Year Undergraduate Nursing Students readiness for registration
Nurse safety outcomes
The relationships between perceived organizational support, affective commitment, psychological contract breach, organizational citizenship behaviour and work engagement
Performance indicators; the association between the quality of preventive care and the prevalence of hospital‐acquired skin lesions in adult hospital patients
Top 10 research priorities relating to stroke nursing
Primary care nurses' communication and its influence on patient talk during motivational interviewing
Knowledge expectations of recently diagnosed patients with knee osteoarthritis
Health‐related quality of life at healing in individuals with chronic venous or mixed‐venous leg ulceration
Impact of transformational leadership on nurse work outcomes
Secondary traumatic stress in the emergency department
Role confusion as a barrier to effective carer involvement for people with intellectual disabilities in acute hospitals
Development and psychometric analysis of the Patient Perceptions of Patient‐Empowering Nurse Behaviours Scale (PPPNBS)
Strategies for recruiting South Asian women to cancer screening research and the lessons learnt
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