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New types of fraud in the academic world by cyber criminals
Systematic methodological review
Patient safety competencies in undergraduate nursing students
Quantitative systematic review of multi‐professional teamwork and leadership training to optimize patient outcomes in acute hospital settings
Cardiovascular medication adherence among patients with cardiac disease
Development and evaluation of a dietary self‐management programme for older adults with low literacy and heart disease
Change in quality of life in older people with dementia participating in Paro‐activity
The effect of Nurse GraduaTeness on patient mortality
A path analysis of stress and premenstrual symptoms in Korean international and Korean domestic students
The mediating role of spirituality on professional values and self‐efficacy
Nurse characteristics, leadership, safety climate, emotional labour and intention to stay for nurses
Depressive symptoms, college adjustment and peer support among undergraduate nursing and midwifery students
The impact of individual and organizational resources on nurse outcomes and intent to quit
Physical activity is associated with reduced fatigue in adults living with HIV/AIDS
Recovery after lung transplantation from a patient perspective – proposing a new framework
Grief and loss in older people residing in nursing homes
Delivering compassionate care in intensive care units
A qualitative national focus group study of the experience of living with lymphoedema and accessing local multiprofessional lymphoedema clinics
Stress and resilience in a post‐Francis world – a qualitative study of executive nurse directors
Intra‐family stressors among adult siblings sharing caregiving for parents
Enhancing the quality of oral nutrition support for hospitalized patients
The effectiveness of a comprehensive reminder system in the secondary prevention of hypertensive ischaemic stroke
Psychometric testing of the Italian and French versions of the Care Dependency Scale
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