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Getting care of older people right : the need for appropriate frailty assessment?
Methodological exemplar of integrating quantitative and qualitative evidence – supportive care for men with prostate cancer : what are the most important components?
Client and clinical staff perceptions of barriers to and enablers of the uptake and delivery of behavioural interventions for urinary incontinence : qualitative evidence synthesis
An integrative review of how families are prepared for, and supported during withdrawal of life‐sustaining treatment in intensive care
Feeding problems in infancy and early childhood : evolutionary concept analysis
Understanding interprofessional collaboration in the context of chronic disease management for older adults living in communities : a concept analysis
Leadership and emotional intelligence in nursing and midwifery education and practice : a discussion paper
The potential for nurses to contribute to and lead improvement science in health care
Free radicals and antioxidant enzymes in older adults after regular senior elastic band exercising : an experimental randomized controlled pilot study
The SICAM‐trial : evaluating the effect of spouses' involvement through case management in older patients' fast‐track programmes during and after total hip replacement
The challenges and opportunities in researching intimacy and sexuality in care homes accommodating older people : a feasibility study
Factors affecting adaptation to the role of motherhood in mothers of preterm infants admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit : a qualitative study
A world shared – a world apart : the experience of families after the death of a significant other late in life
Sexual transmission‐risk behaviour among HIV‐positive persons : a multisite study using social action theory
Family factors and health behaviour of thin adolescent boys and girls
The impact of characteristics of nurses’ relationships with their supervisor, engagement and trust, on performance behaviours and intent to quit
A cost utility analysis of the clinical algorithm for nasogastric tube placement confirmation in adult hospital patients
Patient experiences of caring and person‐centredness are associated with perceived nursing care quality
Factors that determine self‐reported immunosuppressant adherence in kidney transplant recipients : a correlational study
Does primary care diabetes management provided to Medicare patients differ between primary care physicians and nurse practitioners?
Effectiveness of the ‘Home‐but not Alone’ mobile health application educational programme on parental outcomes : a randomized controlled trial, study protocol
Service user involvement enhanced the research quality in a study using interpretative phenomenological analysis – the power of multiple perspectives
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