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Promoting high quality research with life‐limited children and their families : Establishment of a joint research group between Together for Short Lives and the Association for Paediatric Palliative Medicine
A systematic review of the psychometric properties of bronchiolitis assessment tools
Integrative review : nurses' roles and experiences in keeping children safe
Meta‐analysis of the effectiveness of educational interventions for breastfeeding promotion directed to the woman and her social network
Systematic review of patient preference and adherence to the correct use of graduated compression stockings to prevent deep vein thrombosis in surgical patients
Biological embedding : evaluation and analysis of an emerging concept for nursing scholarship
Models of partnership within family‐centred care in the acute paediatric setting : a discussion paper
Peri‐conceptual and mid‐pregnancy drinking : a cross‐sectional assessment in two Scottish health board areas using a 7‐day Retrospective Diary
Responding to families with complex needs : a national survey of child and family health nurses
Men's experiences of having a partner who requires Mother and Baby Unit admission for first episode postpartum psychosis
Contradictory views of nursing care among students at the end of their nursing education
Speaking my patient's language : bilingual nurses’ perspective about provision of language concordant care to patients with limited English proficiency
Consensus on an Australian Nurse practitioner specialty framework using Delphi methodology : results from the CLLEVER 2 study
Refining and validating a conceptual model of Clinical Nurse Leader integrated care delivery
Assessment of cognitive bias in decision‐making and leadership styles among critical care nurses : a mixed methods study
Feasibility, appropriateness, meaningfulness and effectiveness of patient participation at bedside shift reporting : mixed‐method research protocol
PROTECT – trial : a multicentre prospective pragmatic RCT and health economic analysis of the effect of tailored repositioning to prevent pressure ulcers – study protocol
Skin‐to‐skin contact for procedural pain in neonates : acceptability of novel systematic review synthesis methods and GRADEing of the evidence
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