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Returning to the sacred – the importance of careful attention to patients’ nutritional needs in hospital settings
Mixed methods systematic review exploring mentorship outcomes in nursing academia
A qualitative meta‐synthesis : public health nurses role in the identification and management of perinatal mental health problems
A concept analysis of compassionate midwifery
Methodological considerations related to nurse researchers using their own experience of a phenomenon within phenomenology
A randomized controlled trial of a home‐based training programme to decrease depression in family caregivers of persons with dementia
The effect of an educational pre‐operative DVD on parents’ and children's outcomes after a same‐day surgery : a randomized controlled trial
Living with sub‐optimal glycaemic control : the experiences of Type 2 diabetes diagnosis and education
Frequent callers in primary health care – a qualitative study with a nursing perspective
Patterns of behaviour in families of critically ill patients in the emergency room : a focused ethnography
Ebola virus disease : caring for patients in Sierra Leone – a qualitative study
Nurses', midwives' and key stakeholders' experiences and perceptions on requirements to demonstrate the maintenance of professional competence
Should nurses be role models for healthy lifestyles? Results from a modified Delphi study
Sexual orientation and its impact on sexual behaviour of young people aged 15‐29 : a cross‐sectional study
Urinary incontinence and mortality among older adults residing in care homes
Gender and socio‐economic inequalities in health and living conditions among co‐resident informal caregivers : a nationwide survey in Spain
ExplorinG frailty and mild cognitive impairmEnt in kidney tRansplantation to predict biomedicAl, psychosocial and health cost outcomeS (GERAS) : protocol of a nationwide prospective cohort study
Instruments to assess the patient comfort during hospitalization : a psychometric review protocol
Using rapid reviews : an example from a study conducted to inform policy‐making
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