Issue Information
h‐indices : an update on the performance of professors in nursing in the UK†
Competence‐sensitive outcomes
Qualitative meta‐synthesis : the experience of chronic pain across conditions
A mixed‐methods systematic review of the effects of mindfulness on nurses
Nurse Competence Scale : a systematic and psychometric review
Barriers and facilitators to healthy eating for nurses in the workplace : an integrative review
‘Nursing research culture’ in the context of clinical nursing practice : addressing a conceptual problem
Concept analysis : lack of anonymity
The process of patient enablement in general practice nurse consultations : a grounded theory study
A comparative study on the clinical decision‐making processes of nurse practitioners vs. medical doctors using scenarios in a secondary care environment
Conceptualization of physical exercise and keeping fit by child wheelchair users and their parents
The moderating role of team resources in translating nursing teams’ accountability into learning and performance : a cross‐sectional study
Associations of changes in psychosocial factors and their interactions with diabetes distress in patients with type 2 diabetes : a longitudinal study
Accuracy of intuition in clinical decision‐making among novice clinicians
Evaluation of the outcomes of care of nurse‐led continence care clinics for Chinese patients with lower urinary tract symptoms, a 2‐year prospective longitudinal study
‘Mental health day’ sickness absence amongst nurses and midwives : workplace, workforce, psychosocial and health characteristics
Factors influencing new graduate nurse burnout development, job satisfaction and patient care quality : a time‐lagged study
Do student nurses feel a lack of comfort in providing support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Questioning adolescents : what factors influence their comfort level?
Exploring partners’ perspectives on participation in heart failure home care : a mixed‐method design
Reducing patient delay in Acute Coronary Syndrome (RAPiD) : research protocol for a web‐based randomized controlled trial examining the effect of a behaviour change intervention
Development and validation of the pro‐environmental behaviour scale for women's health
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