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Taking a stand against predatory publishers
Use of sociological theories and models in research
The effects of life review on psycho‐spiritual well‐being among patients with life‐threatening illness : a systematic review and meta‐analysis
Interventions for nurses’ well‐being at work : a quantitative systematic review
A systematic review : effectiveness of pediatric peripheral intravenous catheterization strategies
Negotiated safety – components, context and use : an integrative literature review
Measuring patient engagement : which healthcare engagement behaviours are important to patients?
Exploring the potential role of the advanced nurse practitioner within a care path for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome
Facilitators' delivery of a psychosocial intervention in a controlled trial for men with prostate cancer and their partners : a process evaluation
The difficulties experienced by nurses and healthcare staff involved in the process of breaking bad news
Perceptions about the sexuality of women with fibromyalgia syndrome : a phenomenological study
Support workers in community mental health teams for older people : roles, boundaries, supervision and training
Burnout mediates the association between depression and patient safety perceptions : a cross‐sectional study in hospital nurses
Cognitive, behavioural and psychosocial factors associated with successful and maintained quit smoking status among patients who received smoking cessation intervention with nurses’ counselling
The economic burden of nurse‐sensitive adverse events in 22 medical‐surgical units : retrospective and matching analysis
Changes of perceived control after kidney transplantation : a prospective study
“Falls prevention among older people and care providers : protocol for an integrative review”
Matching Registered Nurse services with changing care demands (MatchRN) : study protocol of a natural experiment multi‐centre study
Aggressive Behaviour Risk Assessment Tool for newly admitted residents of long‐term care homes
Hermeneutic phenomenological analysis : the ‘possibility’ beyond ‘actuality’ in thematic analysis
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