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Let's celebrate contemporary black nurses, not create a modern myth
The general results of the RN4CAST survey in Italy
Journal editors and their h‐index
Self‐administered health literacy instruments for people with diabetes : systematic review of measurement properties
A systematic review of psychometric testing of instruments that measure intention to work with older people
What is the impact of shift work on the psychological functioning and resilience of nurses? An integrative review
Effects of substituting nurse practitioners, physician assistants or nurses for physicians concerning healthcare for the ageing population : a systematic literature review
A randomized‐controlled trial to examine the effectiveness of the ‘Home‐but not Alone’ mobile‐health application educational programme on parental outcomes
Nurses’ response to parents’ ‘speaking‐up’ efforts to ensure their hospitalized child's safety : an attribution theory perspective
Prevalence of nursing diagnoses as a measure of nursing complexity in a hospital setting
The mourning process of older people with dementia who lost their spouse
Intentional partnering : a grounded theory study on developing effective partnerships among nurse and physician managers as they co‐lead in an evolving healthcare system
‘Seeking authorization’ : a grounded theory exploration of mentors’ experiences of assessing nursing students on the borderline of achievement of competence in clinical practice
The content and meaning of administrative work : a qualitative study of nursing practices
Physical activity prescription by primary care nurses using health assets : Study design of a randomized controlled trial in patients with cardiovascular risk factors
Spiritual care by nurses in curative cancer care : Protocol for a national, multicentre, mixed method study
Developing an instrument to measure emotional behaviour abilities of meaningful learning through the Delphi technique
Adaptation of the Practice Environment Scale for military nurses : a psychometric analysis
Initial psychometric testing and validation of the patient participation in pressure injury prevention scale
Quality of nursing intensity data : inter‐rater reliability of the patient classification after two decades in clinical use
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