On the “Metallurgiya” Department of the Mining-Metallurgical Section of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
XPS Spectra Analysis with Quantitative Data Criterion
The New Method of Semiconductor Devices Production by Wafers Direct Bonding
Effective Method of Producing Gas-Impermeable SiC-Coatings
Structure, Homogeneity and Properties of Thermoelectric Materials Based on Ternary Solid Solutions of Bismuth and Antimony Chalcogenides
Metastable Sigma-phase Formation by Crystallization of Amorphous Fe-Si-B and Fe-Cr-V-B Alloys
Energy and Ecological Aspects of High-Purity Converter Steel Production
Mechanisms of Extrusion of Aluminum Alloy Shapes
Principles of Ultrasonic Treatment
The Curves of Plastic Flow and Deformation Strengthening of Some Solid Solution on the Basis of Copper
Metallurgical Technologies and Problems Related to Self-Disposal of Radioactive Waste by Deep Rock Melting