Development and analysis of higher order finite volume methods over rectangles for elliptic equations
Spectral and pseudospectral approximations using Hermite functions
Error estimation for discontinuous Galerkin solutions of two-dimensional hyperbolic problems
Higher-order convex approximations of Young measures in optimal control
Adaptive wavelet methods for elliptic operator equations with nonlinear terms
Application of the singularity-separating method to American exotic option pricing
Orthogonal systems of singular functions and numerical treatment of problems with degeneration of data*
On the preservation of stability under convolutions*
Localization of dual periodic scaling and wavelet functions
An overlapping domain decomposition preconditioner for high order BEM with anisotropic elements
Computing validated solutions of implicit differential equations*
Analysis and computational methods of Dirichlet boundary optimal control problems for 2D Boussinesq equations
A locking-free nonconforming finite element method for planar linear elasticity*
The inversion of multiscale convolution approximation and average of distributions
Exponential modeling with unknown model order using structured nonlinear total least norm
A posteriori error estimators of gradient recovery type for FEM of a model optimal control problem
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