Adaptive application of operators in standard representation
Tight frames and geometric properties of wavelet sets
Semi-infinite cardinal interpolation with multiquadrics and beyond
Quadratic immersed finite element spaces and their approximation capabilities
Interpolation on lattices generated by cubic pencils
Optimal recovery of interpolation operators in Hardy spaces
On interpolation by radial polynomials
The consistency of multicategory support vector machines
A B-spline approach for empirical mode decompositions
Uniform convergence analysis of finite difference approximations for singular perturbation problems on an adapted grid
Multilevel augmentation methods for differential equations
Construction of orthonormal multi-wavelets with additional vanishing moments
On the generalized Ball bases
On refinable functions and subdivision with positive masks
Generation of finite tight frames by Householder transformations
A general construction of barycentric coordinates over convex polygons
Inequalities on time-concentrated or frequency-concentrated functions
The optimal convergence of the h-p version of the boundary element method with quasiuniform meshes for elliptic problems on polygonal domains
Solutions in Sobolev spaces of vector refinement equations with a general dilation matrix