Cessation of publication of Advances in Contraception
A farewell message from the Managing Editor
Outcomes in action
Correlates of visit regularity among family planning clients in urban Yemen
Comparison of the performances of TCu380A and TCu380S IUDs up to five years
Contraception in teenage Nigerian school girls
Antifertility effect of aqueous extract of seeds of Cassia fistula in female rats
Factors associated with discontinuation rates of the Copper T380A IUD in a Peruvian public hospital
Initial UK experience of the levonorgestrel-releasing contraceptive intravaginal ring
Factors affecting contraceptive use and behavior in Kocaeli, Turkey
Fine structure of the langur monkey vas deferens and possible role of changes following vasectomy in the success or failure of the vasovasostomy
A decade of experience with TCu200
Contraceptive methods used and preferred by men and women
Research and quality control in natural family planning with relational database systems
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