Letters to the Editor

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Author response:
I thank Cynthia Price for her thoughtful letter illustrating how embodied approaches can be used in clinical nursing as well as in research. I agree that embodiment has implications for holistic, healthy living and that healing and integration can result when people relearn what has become disembodied. My goal is to develop embodied knowledge to enhance the lives of people with chronic illness, and I had been hoping to stimulate thought with this article describing how embodiment might be useful in theory development. However, I would add that her expression "doing embodiment" does not reflect the epistemological roots in the term embodiment. I think that we cannot really "do" embodiment, but that we can use embodied approaches to generate new ideas. Embodiment is more of a philosophical stance shaping our thinking and permitting views of life that might not be known otherwise. I suggest that we talk about learning and teaching embodied ways, approaches, or methods that reveal embodiment as a part of life.
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