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Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Philosophical Approaches to the Nursing Informatics Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom Framework
The Applied Philosopher-Scientist : Intersections Among Phenomenological Research, Nursing Science, and Theory as a Basis for Practice Aimed at Facilitating Boys' Healing From Being Bullied
An Introduction to the Multisystem Model of Knowledge Integration and Translation
Advancing Nursing Knowledge Through Complex Holism
Wholeness and Life Patterning : Unitary Foundations for a Healing Praxis
Nursing Theory-Based Independent Nursing Practice : A Personal Experience of Closing the Theory-Practice Gap
A Risk Reduction Model for Late-Onset Preeclampsia : A Theory for Using Low-Intensity Exercises to Enhance Cardiac Homeostasis in Nursing Research and Practice
A Model for Neurorehabilitation After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury : Facilitating Patient Participation and Learning