Frequent Application of the New Gelatin-Collagen Nonwoven Accelerates Wound Healing

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Mortality after chronic wounds is high. Thus, proper and effective therapy is of critical importance. Adult mammalian skin cannot regenerate spontaneously. It heals under scar formation in a process of repair. In general, wound closure is achieved through a combination of contraction, scar formation, and regeneration. To enhance wound healing, research groups are continuously inventing and evaluating novel skin replacement products. A single application of a new gelatin-collagen nonwoven accelerates wound closure of full-thickness skin defects. Therefore, the authors’ objective was to evaluate the effect of a higher application frequency of the nonwoven on wound closure in a minipig model.


Four full-thickness skin defects were created surgically on the dorsum of 12 Göttingen minipigs. Next, 3 wounds were treated randomly with a novel gelatin-collagen nonwoven in different thicknesses, while the fourth wound was left untreated and served as the control wound. Moreover, 6 minipigs achieved multiple applications of the wound dressing. During the experimental period of 21 days, a close-up photographic documentation was performed. Finally, the areas of the initial wounds were excised and examined histologically.


More frequent application of the nonwoven achieved accelerated wound healing and better epidermis quality compared with a single application. Mean time until wound closure of all wounds treated with a multiple application of the nonwoven was 11.0 (± 1.2) days, compared with a single application of the nonwoven with 12.4 (± 1.26) days and control wounds with 13.5 (± 1.19) days. Furthermore, the epidermal thickness of all wounds treated with multiple applications of the nonwoven was increased by 10.67 μm (31.89 ± 8.86 μm, P = .0007) compared with a single application of the nonwoven and by 6.53 μm (27.75 ± 7.24 μm, P = .0435) compared with the control group.


Multiple applications of the gelatin-collagen nonwoven may be an appropriate treatment for chronic wounds leading to a fast wound closure through a combination of contraction and re-epithelialization.

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